Royal Spa



Side By Side Couple Massage

Take some time out to reconnect with your loved one. Begin with a luscious full body exfoliation and the immerse into your special Bath and journey toward relaxation. Follow with one of our signature massages during which we use pure plants extract and aromatic oil blends to massage you further into a world of calm.

  • 60 min Rp 450.000
  • 90 min Rp 675.000
  • 120 min Rp 900.000

Couple Wonder Sensation Body Ritual

Relax and rediscover your unforgettable love with an Aroma Fusion Massage using aromatic Lavender and Patchouli essential oils. Followed by choice of body scrubs that polish away dead cells revealing a silky soft skin and an appetizer facial to cleanse and balance your skin. For complete relaxation finished with a divine romance bath.

  • 120 min Rp 950.000



Royale Javanese Massage

Famous traditional massage treatment from Java, gives emphasis to specific points on the body that can relaxes tense muscle and can be trusted to make the healing of the body work faster and better.

  • 60 min Rp 250.000
  • 90 min Rp 372.500
  • 120 min Rp 470.000

Royale Swedish Massage

Treatment refers to a variety of massage techniques specifically designed to relax the muscles through massage or pressure on the muscles and bones, and rubbing began toe which helps facilitate blood flow and expedite the flow of oxygen in the blood detoxification function.

  • 60 min Rp 250.000
  • 90 min Rp 372.500
  • 120 min Rp 470.000

Royale Aromatic Massage

This massage treatment has the advantage of using a massage oil that has been given essential oil or better known as aromatherapy. The use of aromatherapy in massage oil is believed to give a good effect for us as to eliminate fatigue, refreshing body and can also provide peace of mind and body.

  • 60 min Rp 250.000
  • 90 min Rp 372.500
  • 120 min Rp 470.000

Aroma Back Relief

Treatment focuses on the back, neck and shoulder area. This massage treatment using our special signature technique that is very useful to relieve physical and emotional stress.

  • 60 min Rp 200.000

Royale Foot Reflex Massage

A traditional massage technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet. Both deeply relaxing and therapeutic, your body’s own healing processes will be stimulated.

  • 60 min Rp 200.000

Green Tea Detoxification Body Ritual

Green tea has many benefits for the body and skin. Green tea believed to moisturize, prevent skin from dryness and lighten the skin, besides that green tea also useful as a natural sunscreen for our bodies.

  • 120 min Rp 472.500

Chocolate Sweet Temptation Body Ritual

The content contained in nutritious chocolate can soften, refine and brighten the skin. Besides that the content of catechins (catechin) found in cocoa is an antioxidant that can prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

  • 120 min Rp 472.500

Exotic Coffee Energizer Body Ritual

Coffee benefits for beauty, especially the skin. Coffee beneficial for skin lightening, moisturize and make the skin become relaxed. Besides that caffeine contained in coffee was also beneficial for reducing cellulite.

  • 120 min Rp 472.500

*Seluruh harga diatas termasuk pajak 21%
**Beberapa perawatan tersedia untuk in-room massage dengan tambahan biaya IDR 50.000,-

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Kolam Renang

Kolam renang berfitur dinding kaca luas di sepanjang sisi yang pertama di Medan, terletak di lantai 7.  Fasilitas lainnya meliputi kolam renang anak-anak disertai tempat berjemur.